Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Review: An Epic UAV That Star Wars Fans Will Love


Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Review: An Epic UAV That Star Wars Fans Will Love

Fun moments are only memorable when they are done in the most subtle ways possible. One of the things that can give you fun moments is a quadcopter. If you get the right drone from a renowned company that has built and grown a good market reputation, your every coin is turned into value, and you will get to enjoy amazing features. This Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Review is meant to inform you about the features of this product and tell you why you might need it for your next special event.

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What Is the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon?

This quadcopter is a ready-to-fly mini-drone that is very easy to use and just soft enough so that t does not cause any damage to furniture and walls when it hits them. It is the best drone for learners wanting to know how to fly quadcopters. This product can be charged off the controller’s batteries or by using a USB to a wall adapter or computer.

Product Specs

As far as the design is concerned, this product has the best possible design available on the market. Looking at this drone, you will notice the difference between the original Millennium Falcon and the Millennium Falcon drone beginning from the four round slots that accommodate the motors of the drone and the blades.

Still, the general design of this product is recognizable, and you will surely have to answer questions like where you got the drone when you take it for a spin at the park. The dimensions of this quadcopter are 25×18.5cm. It is not a very small drone, but it is not that big either. Users can easily fly it indoors without bumping it into the walls.

Air Hogs, the manufacturing company, recommends that this drone is used indoors since that is the best place to use it due to the features and design it comes with. Considering the details, this product is not aerodynamic enough to battle strong winds. The body is made of resistant foam that helps to protect the motors and blades in case the drone crashes or bumps into a hard surface that might spoil it.

This is a very simple drone that does not come with a camera, FPV, altitude hold, App control, or even the headless mode. It will not give you a lot of whistles and bells due to the simple features that it comes with. It is vital to keep in mind that the body of this product is made of foam, and that implies that it is not that rigid and can be bent. The manufacturer, however, ensures that the foam is durable, and you will learn that it does not break easily. However, it is wise to avoid being too rough while handling this quadcopter.

The transmitter that comes with this drone is even more interesting compared to the product itself. It comes in a large size, and its ergonomic design makes it rather comfortable to hold in hand. The transmitter comes with a giant start logo that is printed in the middle, which makes it look cool. Above the logo, you will see the status LED. It is a large square with a small bolt on it.

The big green button that you will see is the on/off button which works pretty well. There are two joysticks in the usual four channel configuration. The throttle and yaw are controlled by the left joystick, while the pitch and roll are controlled by the right joystick. Controlling the drone is a little harder especially when you are a beginner, but getting the hang of it is very easy.

One interesting thing about the transmitter is that it comes with a built-in speaker. Under the Star Wars Logo, you will notice a volume slider and a speaker grill. You can use the speaker to start the random Start Wars Sound effects by simply pushing the trigger on the left front. In most cases, the front triggers are set up to do tricks.

The transmitter needs up to six batteries, but that is because you can use it to recharge the drone. On the right grip of the transmitter is a small latch that you can open up, and inside you will find a charging cable that you can plug directly into the drone to charge it. This cable also acts as a pass through.The LED lights are positioned along the back of the front and back of the drone so that when you are using it at night, it looks as though it is in hyperdrive.

How It Compares

To help users understand the uniqueness of the product, this Air Hogs Millennium Falcon review touches on other related products. We selected three more drones to compare this product with so that you understand what we mean by claiming that the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon is a quadcopter that provides you with the best functionality and fun that you deserve. However, the products that we compared it with are also created with the ability to function seamlessly while ensuring quality and reliability.

  • Gbell RC Aircraft Helicopter Drone
  • Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: Speeder Bike
  • Acrotor RC Helicopter Gifts Flying Robot

Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Review

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millenium Falcon
  • Now you can fly the most iconic ship from Star Wars, the RC Millennium Falcon right in your home!
  • Onboard Gyro-stabilization provides stable and smooth control as you take flight with the power of its single rotor Powercore Drive Train!
  • Don’t worry if your deflector shields go down, the Millennium Falcon is constructed from impact-resistant foam, making it incredibly resilient.
  • The Millennium Falcon Powercore is for Star Wars fans ages 8+. 4 AA batteries required for operation. For indoors use only.
  • Includes: 1 RC Millennium Flacon, 1 Remote Control, 1 Instruction Guide

Ease Of Use

Though it might seem a little complicated at the start, this product is very easy to use due to the simple features that it comes with.

Flying Capabilities

Though the drone is built to ensure excellent functionality, it cannot be flown outdoors since it might not withstand harsh winds and elements.

Design Quality

The drone is well built and looks appealing to the eye. The material used also protects the delicate features from damages that might be caused by impacts.

Fun Factor

While using this drone, you will learn that the features work pretty well and the controls also respond excellently.

Gbell RC Aircraft Helicopter Drone

Gbell RC Aircraft Helicopter Drone 1800mAh Battery 4CH 6-Axis Headless One Key Return Mode for Adults,Boys,Girls (Red)
  • Headless Model - -With attractive headless model, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problem.You can control you drone in headless mode and get picture or video from different vision.
  • High Capacity Battery - The 3.7V 1800mAh high capacity battery can support a longer flying time; the modularized design of battery and camera offers more convenience and safety. Flying Time: About 20 mins
  • One Key To Return - You Will not Have to Worry About Orientation and With the Simple Press of a Button of One Key Return,Your Will Never Lose Your Drone!
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE- Much Better Drone For Kids and Beginners: Under Altitude Hold Mode, You Can Release the Throttle Stick and The Drone Will Keep Hovering At The Current Height.
  • Function: Up / Down, Left / Right Sideway Fly, Forward / Backward, Headless Mode, 360 Degree Rollover, Turn Left / Right, One Key Automatic Return, Throwing Flight, Hovering control

This product comes in a headless model which is very attractive and perfectly solves the pilot’s loss of orientation problem. This is a drone that you can control in headless mode and take pictures and videos from different perspectives.

It has a high-capacity battery compared to what other drones have. The 3.7V 1800mAh battery has the ability to support a longer flying time. The battery comes in a modularized design, and the high-quality camera offers excellent convenience and safety while flying the drone. Another feature that it comes with is the one key return. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about the orientation of the drone since with a simple press of the button of one key to return; it is impossible to lose your drone.

There is also the altitude hold mode to ensure that you get the best functionality. This mode makes the drone ideal for kids and beginners. When operating under the altitude hold mode, the user can release the throttle stick, and the quadcopter will just keep hovering at the current height. Other features include up/down, left/ forward, right sideways, left sideways, backward, 360-degree rollover, headless mode, throwing flight, automatic return, and hovering control.

You will need to charge this drone for at least 60 minutes before using it for the first time. It comes with a camera that can be adjusted by a transmitter. This drone is both lightweight and stable since it only weighs 185 grams.

Ease Of Use

The controls are easy to learn, and the drone comes with a remote controller to regulate altitude and direction.

Flying Capabilities

The battery has a long life, and the drone can fly up to 4 meters away from the user.

Design Quality

This product is relatively durable, but it comes with delicate features that might easily get spoiled upon impact.

Fun Factor

The product comes with an altitude hold mode, making it fun to use for beginners.

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: Speeder Bike

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: Speeder Bike Collectors Edition Box
  • The Star Wars tie advanced x1 quadcopter can reach flying speeds up to 35mph and offers 3 speed settings that range from beginner to advanced pilots.
  • Each special edition quadcopter is hand painted to hobby quality and is numbered.
  • Battle up to 12 Star Wars quadcopters at once!
  • Reverse propulsion design.
  • Altitude stabilization mode makes Piloting easy.

This is a tiny featherweight drone that is controlled via an included 2.4Ghz remote control. The remote can also pair with your smartphone through Bluetooth so that you can control the drone via the Propel Star War Battle App that runs both battle tracking and training simulations. This product can be flown both indoors and outdoors at a maximum speed of 30 MPH several feet away from your location. It comes packed with both visible and infrared light receivers and emitters for use amid battling.

One unusual thing about this drone is that it is inverted. It comes with props facing down instead of up which implies that it is pushed into the air instead of pulled. Though there are no apparent advantages or disadvantages to this model, it is safe to mention that it is the perfect style for preserving the authentic look of the iconic Star Wars vehicle.

It comes with zero propellers visible at the top with only a small set of transparent props underneath, making it much easier to keep the fantasy that you are in control of a real Star Wars ship. You don’t have to worry about bumping this drone into the ceiling since it will keep on pushing on that barrier till you decide to bring it down or its battery dies.

Ease Of Use

The product comes with simple controls, and the Bluetooth connectivity adds to the overall ease of use.

Flying Capabilities

This drone can be flown at a speed of 30 MPH both indoors and outdoors, making it highly reliable.

Design Quality

This drone comes without the propellers and looks inverted. Also, the fact that it keeps pushing on the barrier when it hits it makes it safe for use by kids.

Fun Factor

Since it does not produce a lot of noise and comes in an ergonomic design, this is a drone that you will definitely enjoy flying.

Acrotor RC Helicopter Gifts Flying Robot

ACROTOR RC Helicopter Gifts Flying Robot RC Toys Hand Controlled Drone Quadcopter Flying Toys for Kids Boys Girls Indoor Games
  • Control it with your palm. Turn it on and place your palm under the toy. The flying function of the RC helicopter will be activated. Please remember to hold the toy’s body or it may fly away and leave you in awe
  • Rechargeable and comes with a USB cable, cool robot design, and the RC flying toy is an environmental-friendly toy. Energy saving and fun
  • Flies up to 15 feet. A great toys not only for your kids. This hover helicopter toy could also help you pass time
  • 15 minutes flight time per charge (25 minutes to charge)
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced flyers .If the child is over 10 years old, you could leave him/her alone with the toy. It’s a great boy and girl toy helicopter~.Play it indoors freely without worries or hurting others

This is a quadcopter that you can easily control with the palm of your hand. You simply need to turn it on and position your palm under the toy. The flying function of the drone is then activated automatically. It is easily rechargeable and comes with a USB cable. It comes in cool robot design and is also environmental friendly. This quadcopter is also energy saving and fun to fly both indoors and outdoors.

The drone can fly up to 15 feet. Though created for the kids, this toy can also help adults pass the time since it is easy to use and the features are simply amazing. It gives you up to 15 minutes of flying time for every full charge. This drone only needs 25 minutes to charge fully, and you are back to having some great time flying it.

The product is the perfect choice for both novices and advanced flyers. If your kid is at least ten years old, you can just leave him/her alone with the toy. This is a great boy and girl toy that can be safely flown indoors without having to worry about hurting others.

Ease Of Use

This drone does not have unique features, making it very easy to use.

Flying Capabilities

It can be flown both indoors and outdoors without the worry of getting spoiled or hurting others.

Design Quality

The product, though not very developed, is lightweight and durable enough to last.

Fun Factor

You will enjoy the ease of use of this product and the fact that it can move at a very high speed. The controls also respond very well.


To ensure that this Air Hogs Millennium Falcon review is helpful, we decided to compare it with other products while focusing on important factors such us controllability, size, design, functionality, and durability. It is also important to note that while the other products are also well crafted, the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon is one of the best choices you could ever make when looking for fun and ease of use.


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