Syma X5SW Review: A Quadcopter Offering FPV Image Transmission and a Handy App

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Whether you are someone who is interested in improving your drone flying skills, or you’re looking to take breathtaking photos from unique vantage points, this Syma X5SW review will point you in the direction of an amazing drone. This drone is affordable, robust, and great for beginners to experts. In this Syma X5SW review we will look at the specific aspects that make it stand out from the others in its field. We have included all the information you’ll need to know before deciding to purchase based on our Syma X5SW review, and we have even gathered a few other formidable competition drones that we will compare for you.

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What Is the Syma X5SW?

The Syma X5SW review is a powerful drone that allows the user to take photos from high-up places that would normally be difficult to get a shot from. This drone, in particular, is a quadcopter model, meaning that it has four separate propellers that help with stable flying and more precise movements. The Syma X5SW review itself is an upgraded version of the Syma X5C line of quadcopters.

Those who are experts in the drone field often refer to this model in particular because it is lightweight yet robust, extremely user-friendly, and perfect for those who are just starting out working with and learning to control drones. On the market, this drone is available in both black and white colors.

Product Specs

The Syma X5SW review will show that this drone has a 50m control range, eight full minutes of flight time, takes 45 minutes to charge fully, and even comes equipped with a WiFi FPV camera. It is medium in size, which means it is not too big and not too small. Its design keeps durability in mind above all else. Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll break any parts of this drone (even after continuous dropping) the spare parts are extremely easy and cheap to order.

Not only is the outside a tough shell made of high-quality plastic, but the motor and gears are also enclosed so that no hair or debris get in and damage the inner workings. For good looks and practicality, the drone has green LED lights on the front and red LED lights on the back. We highly recommend this drone model if you’re someone who is interested in starting with aerial videos or photos, and the smooth and stable flight performance of the Syma X5SW review will help you do just that. Within, we have a smart flight computer with sensors that help the smoothness of the flight.

The camera on this drone is a force to be reckoned with. It allows for real-time transmission of video to your smartphone or other receiving device, and you can fully control the camera from an app on your device. Keep in mind that with this drone, WiFi is used to transmit video or images to your device and the drone CANNOT store media files onboard. The position of the camera is at a fixed angle which is slightly downward from the drone, but it is fully removable if you aren’t interested in capturing video or pictures. If you remove the camera, this will reduce the weight and will increase overall flight time.

As far as the batteries are concerned, the Syma X5SW review details that it takes about an hour to fully charge the drone, while flight time is six to eight minutes depending on whether you have the camera and prop guards removed or not. The battery bay at the back of the drone has more than enough room for a normal-sized battery, and theoretically, you could try using higher capacity batteries to increase your flight time. The lights on the drone conveniently blink when the battery is getting low, so you can tell even from great distances.

The controller that comes with the drone operates using four AA batteries and a standard 2.5 GHz frequency. You will be able to set the different mode levels, do flips with the drone, and recalibrate the accelerometers, the compass, and the gyros all from the controller.

The performance of this drone is nothing short of smooth and stable, and it can go as far as 100 yards without any signal loss. If the controller loses battery power or is turned off for any reason, the drone will automatically stop and drop. For your peace of mind, there are low and high flight speeds. These speeds make the Syma X5SW review ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying, beginner level and expert level flying. This drone is more likely to fall victim to high wind speeds because of its lightweight nature, but indoors and on calm days, users agree it’s impressively responsive.


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As far as relative pricing goes, the Syma X5SW review reveals that the price of this drone is highly affordable compared to other competition models on the market. Where other drones can be upward of several hundred dollars, this drone is below $$ and is the perfect choice for those who are just starting out controlling drones.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

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Ease of Use:

This drone is perfect for beginners and new flyers.

Design Quality:

The design is robust yet simplistic and can hold up even through multiple crashes and bad landings.

Image Quality:

The camera is of a standard HD quality, but the video and image files cannot be stored onboard this drone.

Syma X8C

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This drone features a 100m control range and a 2MP camera. Like the Syma X5SW, it runs at about eight minutes of flight time and takes about an hour to charge. Out of all the Syma brand drones, this is by far the largest model. It has impressively sized propellers, brushed motors, a fixed camera, and a simplified flight controller. Despite these amazing aspects, it’s kept affordable by the absence of a GPS. The gears, motor, and battery compartment are all enclosed and add to the polished look of this drone.

Although it’s not as user-friendly as the Syma X5SW, you’ll fall in love with its substantial build, increased size and weight, and impressive propeller speeds. Just like the X5SW model, this drone has flight times of about five to eight minutes depending on your speeds. The range on this drone is also 100 meters although some users say you can stretch this distance.

The camera is a two mega-pixel one that features a tilt angle that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Although it lacks gimbals and vibration suppression technology, users agree it performs impressively well. The back of the camera features a micro SD slot so you can store your images and videos onboard the drone.

The controller is a four-channel transmitter that operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency and features a retro look and feel. There is even a small LCD screen that displays the battery level and signal strength among other helpful telemetry.

As far as providing a stable platform for taking photos and videos, this drone absolutely delivers. It’s stable, easy to fly, hovering is smooth, and it responds well to the controller commands. Unlike the Syma X5SW, the heavyweight nature of this drone allows you to stabilize it even during high winds. Although this drone is capable of handling a GoPro camera and possesses the modifications necessary, it’s not recommended as it will put more strain on the motors and ultimately shorten their lifespan.

This drone is also not ideal for acrobatics; there is a flip button on the controller, but we recommend you practice caution when using it. The Intelligent Orientation Control system is something of a headless mode which can make flying easier especially when the drone is far away from you, and you can’t tell which way it’s facing.

Ease of Use:

This model is not as user-friendly as the Syma X5SW and is recommended more for experienced users.

Design Quality:

This large drone has an incredibly substantial build along with impressive propeller speeds. The camera back has a micro SD card slot for storing pictures and videos onboard the drone.

Image Quality:

The camera is two mega-pixels and offers and has a tilt angle that can be adjusted. It does not, however, have a gimbal or vibration suspension.

Yuneec Q500

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This drone features a whopping 400m control range and an impressively smooth and clear 4K 30fps camera. It takes about two hours to charge, and it has a massive 25 minutes of flight time, much more than the Syma X5SW model. This model is another which we highly recommend for first-time buyers and those who have little to no drone flying experience. This drone is proudly crafted with durability and solid construction in mind, and it feels stable and easy to control while it’s in flight. There is a second battery that comes along with this drone, but there’s room for even more so you can experiment with higher caliber batteries and increase your overall flight time.The impressive camera on this drone takes videos in 1080p quality, and it has a 130-degree field of view. The pictures you can capture offer stunning 12 megapixel quality, no matter what altitude you shoot from. There is an incredibly stable live video stream that works well, save for outages from obstacles such as buildings. This drone features a three-axis stabilizing gimbal that helps with the smoothness and stability; this gimbal can be easily adjusted by using the remote so you can change angles while you’re in flight. If this wasn’t enough, the camera mount is built to be easily removable so you can replace the camera with the next best technology out there.There is an LCD screen on the controller that’s 4.5-inches and shows a live feed of the video you’re capturing. The controller has ten channels and runs on a 2.4 GHz transmitter. Many users agree that the controller with this drone offers a simple yet intuitive interface and one can easily change the flight and camera configurations with the touch of a button.If you’re intimidated by all this quadcopter can do, consider that it has three different flight modes: smart, angle, and home. Smart mode is perfect for beginners as it is more or less a headless mode for the drone. There is even a Follow Me option that allows the drone to simply track you from a preset distance for safety. The angle mode is more for experienced flyers, and the home mode simply tells the drone to return to where it took off from and land safely.Remember that the purpose of this drone is to provide a stable platform for taking videos and pictures from unique vantage points. As such, this drone is not capable of incredibly high speeds or acrobatics.

Ease of Use:

This is an excellent drone for those who have little to no flying experience. The ten channel controller takes all the guesswork out of flying and puts all the control in your hands.

Design Quality:

This drone was built with durability and solid construction in mind; while it’s in flight, it feels very easy to control and its stability is outstanding.

Image Quality:

The camera offers 4K/30fps ultra high-definition video and 1080p/120fps slow-motion video. The photos are 12 mega-pixels with a no-distortion lens.


  • Great for beginners
  • Impressive camera
  • Solid construction
  • Three different flight modes


  • Does not come with a case of any kind
  • Highly expensive

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This drone features a 50m control range and a 720p camera. It’s made for flying both indoors and outdoors and is a small copter that’s perfect for beginners. The battery takes about 100 minutes to charge and you’ll get about seven minutes of flight time on a full battery. Since it’s so small, it’s easy to fly and is agile and responsive. Although the camera is lacking in clarity compared to the Yuneec Q500 model, it provides surprisingly decent footage for its price range. The camera is fully removable so you can modify it to suit your needs.

The controller operates on a typical 2.4 GHz frequency and requires 4 AA batteries to run. The flight performance is ideal for indoor flying and practicing maneuvering tight spaces. Users agree that this drone is incredibly responsive to its relative throttle commands and there is wiggle room for reducing weight and improving flight time by removing the camera and the prop guards.

Ease of Use

Since this drone is smaller, it’s more likely to fall victim to strong winds.

Design Quality

Flight time is only about seven minutes but the drone is agile and extremely responsive to commands.

Image Quality

The camera is only 720p, a major step down from the Yuneec Q500 model.


white quadcopter drone with remote

Image Source: Unsplash

We hope our Syma X5SW review has shed some light on an amazing product that is great for beginners and experts alike. Based on its comparison to other drones on the market and as a standalone, we believe this product is one of high-quality for a reasonable price. We award this drone 5/5 stars and highly recommend that you check it out.

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